Let’s hear how senators think things should work BEFORE they know who will be in charge

A Rawlsian Moment in the Senate

Getting Lost on Capitol Hill is a rite of passage

A member of the original POPVOX team, William Donnell, demonstrates the look that everyone will make at least once when trying to navigate the Rayburn building.

Navigating Capitol Hill is hard. Signs and room numbers don’t always make sense. Tunnels and long marble halls throw off the even the best senses of direction.

Addressing the information needs of a modern legislature

Meet the Congressional Committees that are going first (and the staffers making it possible)

Retired General David Petraeus, former Members of Congress, UK MP Chi Onwurah, and others discuss how Congress can keep working during the COVID-19 pandemic

Former Rep. Brian Baird [D-WA] served as “chairman” of the Mock Remote Hearing:

Marci Harris

POPVOX CEO and co-founder. Entrepreneur, lawyer, recovering Congressional staffer. Former Harvard Ash and New America California fellow.

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